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Effective October 18, 2011
***Prices Depends on Length***
Relaxer- includes in-process treatment, trim, and basic style
Virgin/Texturizer             $100+
Retouch/Texturizer          $85+
Corrective                        $110+                                   
Partial Relaxer                 $20
Color-do not include style except permanent
Permanent-virgin/retouch $70/$55+
Demi-Permanent               $35+       
Semi-Permanent               $25+
Block Color             **Consultation Required**
Color Shots                      $10
Double Process        *Consultation Required**
Highlights- Includes basic style
Full Head virgin/retouch     $150/$120+
Partial virgin/retouch         $110/$85+
Platinum Card virgin/retouch $150/$135+
Customize Foil                $15+                                       
Treatments- Moisture, Reconstructor, Protein, Lavender/Peppermint
 *Steam Treatments of all of the above are a additional $10.*
Styles-includes shampoo, rinse-out conditioner, and style
Basic Style                    $50+
Dominican Blow Out     $45+
Flexi Rod/Ring              $65+
Straw Set                       $75+     
Popsicle Set                    $80+
Twist Set                        $55+
Cut & Style                    $65+
Cut Only w/o shampoo   $35
Trim                             $20
Extensions-includes shampoo, rinse-out conditioner, basic style and cut
-services with per track will be an add-on to shampoo style***hair not included
Extension Removal- does not include a style but are available
Full Sewn In horse shoe leave out/closure $175/$200     
Silk/Lace Closure with Sewn In          $250
Lace Frontal with Sewn In              $275  
Partial Sewn In ear to ear                         $150
Sewn Individual Tracks                        $25+
Bonded Tracks Full up to 6 tracks           $85+
Bonded Per Track                                   $15+
Malaysian per track/Full Head up to 7 tracks
  -Micro link                $70/$500
  -Fusion                       $75/$525
DSW (Detachable Sewn Weave)        $400+
DSW Re-Application Service (shampoo/condition, braided foundation, application and basic style)                    $150+
Roll n Sew 7 tracks                       $150       
Quickweaves Full/Partial                $90/$80
Micro Links                              $650+   
Fusion                                       $700+
Seamless                                   $550+
Note: Full Sewn Ins with closure requires a closure to be purchased. If you are interested in our exclusive high quality hair, please refer to "Purchasing Hair" page.  
Hair Replacement- Full Lace Wig, Lace Frontal with another extension method
**Consultation Strongly Advised**
*If you are interested in this service and need a Full Lace Wig or Lace Frontal, please refer to "Purchasing Hair" page. 
Application             $75
Shampoo                 $25
Style/Cut                 $45+
Cut                          $25+
 Natural Styles
Fingerstyle             $60+
Shingling               $75+
Combtwist             $75+
Combtwist pull out  $80+
Straw Set              $90+
Dominican Blow Out  $50+
Twist Set               $55+
Cut & Style             $65+
Locs-includes shampoo and retwist
Loc Startup         $70+
Loc Maintenance  $55+
Loc Repair            $20+
Hot Oil                  $20+
Loc Extensions                  Consultation Required
Eyelash Extensions- lasts for 2 weeks/lashes are included in short, medium, and long
Natural-gives a mascara look, set last for 1-1/2 wks, great for starters    
Full- a little more of a mascara look, still not bold but yet natural
Medium Full- full look where its a little more bolder than full                      $40
Extremely Full- very bold, uses 1 pack on each eye         
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